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Summer 2011. 

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me :]

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Finally finished!!

Tattoo of Adam Plasmid from “Bioshock” by Jeff Ash ( done at Boston Tattoo Convention, Aug’11.
Photo taken by Chorale Miles (

My favorite game! The one that got me into gaming. It has the best story and concept for the video game ever!

My first tattoo.

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Artist: Samantha Pickett aka Sami Sparkle.



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This is my sisters new tattoo that I had the privilege to design. :-) I think I am more proud of it then the fellow that actually tattooed it. (Matt Everitt, my other sister’s boyfriend, he works at home.)

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Done by Christel at Electric Quill in Boulder. Fresh! Including tape marks haha. Obviously not finished, one more session should do it! I was just too excited not to post it. My tumblr is <a href=””>here</a>.

This is my 10th tattoo. I love it because it has to do with my struggle with addiction. When I was using, I was kicked out and was homeless for 8 months. A year and a half later, I am living back home and going back to college.

Virtually everybody takes the most trivial things for granted. Nobody thinks about how lucky they are to have a roof over their heads, food in the fridge, and a warm place to sleep. When I was homeless, I’d sometimes sleep on floors and I even slept outside once. I had very few articles of clothing, that I would wash in the sink whenever I showered at a friend’s house. I barely had a full meal, and never had 3 in one day.. So you can only imagine how I felt when I had my own bed. And when I woke up the next morning and was able to eat whatever I wanted out of the refridgerator. I became so humble and grateful for everything. 

So this tattoo reminds me to make every moment count, whether it be a simple sunset or a nice meal. My full story is on my tumblr, along with other tattoos that I have that I got because of addiction. 

This was done by Danny Lepore at Tattoo Mania in Staten Island, NY. 

8th tattoo. Can’t get all of it into the picture. It’s from the song ‘Fix you’, by Coldplay… It says, “Lights will guide you home”. It is another tattoo that has to do with my sobriety. My best friend used to play this song whenever I was having a hard time and now whenever I listen to it, I’m reminded of the people in my life that have done so much to keep me alive.

Done by Danny Lepore @ Tattoo Mania in Staten Island,NY

Amor animi arbitrio sumitur, non ponitur

A phrase in Latin, roughly translating into “Love is taken up by the soul, not put down”, or simply “We choose to love, we do not choose to cease loving”

My third tattoo, done by Taylor Anglin in Horseheads, NY….I highly recommend him if you live in the area!! :)

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