I finally got my first tattoo!
My housemates and I were looking at their regular shop’s Valentine’s Day special sheets, and I loved these two hearts. They’re also for my parents as well. 

Done by Justin Dunwoody at A-1 Tattoo in Franklinville, NJ. 

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I have three tattoos on my back currently. The first one says: “We were borne to bloom above.” It holds so much significance to me. My mother passed away when I was seventeen. Shortly afterwards, I received a letter from her best friend with these exact words that she had seen on a child’s grave. It is a living remnant of my mother and helped me cope.

The second is a koi fish in living memory of my dear grandmother, my mother’s mom, who loved the color blue and the deep blue sea. I also absolutely adore Asian culture. This was my first large tattoo and I have not regretted it.

The third tattoo is the album art from Brand New’s second album “Deja Entendu,”: My favorite band. I love this cosmonaut image because it greatly describes my life. The concept of surviving in space is such an incredible concept to me and I’ve always been fascinated with it. Furthermore, the astronaut represents my current mental state. Having to rely on psychiatric medications for most of my life, I am somewhat like the astronaut: hooked into the machine but still able to experience life without running out of oxygen. 

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I struggle with some self-esteem issues. And I wanted this tattoo to remind me to be the person I want to be, and not the person other people dictate I should be. So I got this tattoo to be a daily reminder that there’s only one me, and that I should be the person I want to be rather than destroy myself just to appease others.

This is a modified quote from the Mumford & Sons song: “Sigh No More”. Originally the lyrics were “Be the man you were made to be.” Well, obviously I’m not a man, so I decided to change it up and make it mine. On each arm they make their own phrase and they make a phrase together. Probably the best money I’ve spent on myself.

My roommate took this photo after the first washing.

The artist was Melissa from Karma Tattoo.

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Tattoos by, Leif Olson, Nick Baxter, Chris Blinston,  Caro Mansur,  Dan TV, 

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Shark attack by James Ranieri at On Point Ink in downtown Jacksonville, FL. 

I love sharks, evidently the zombie radioactive violent kind.

I took the photo. :P



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My mother and I both have type 1 diabetes and wearing medical alert jewelry doesn’t really fit either of our lifestyles, so we decided to get matching badass medical alert tattoos. Both are by Mr. Jason at House of Madness in Hampstead, MD. http://sweetalyssa.tumblr.com

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